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Custom Made to Order Old Fashioned Cake Donuts

First decide what frosting.

Maple - Chocolate - Strawberry - Vanilla

Then pick a topping.

Macadamia Nuts - Churro Seasoning - Rainbow Sprinkles - Chocolate Sprinkles - Crushed Oreos

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We Have Gluten Free Available

For our Gluten Free Donuts we need 8 hours advanced notice to prepare so we can ensure there is no cross contamination. We use a seperate deep fryer and make these first thing when everything is fresh. To order our Gluten Free Donuts click here and select your pickup date and time.

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World Famous Hot and Fresh Donuts

We make our donuts hot and fresh daily. You can customize everything from how many to what glaze and toppings. We dont make it until you order it. Order now and we can have it ready in as little as 15 minutes. click below.

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Merchandise and Other Novelties

Do you love Maui Ono Donuts and really want to show it? We have Hats and T Shirts. Shipping and store pickup available. Click here to order our merchandise.

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About Us

Maui Ono Donuts is about bringing our deliciously whimsical Plant Based donuts to the most beautiful place in the world. We are about giving back to the land with our environmentally friendly standards. We produce almost little to no waste. The little produced is recycled. Don't be fooled by our eccentric behavior. Our Ono Donuts are one of a kind! Taste and you'll know why you need Ono Donuts! Please follow us on Social media for the latest news on where you can get our nuts